iPadOS 15

The iPadOS 15 is an operating system that was designed and developed especially for the iPad by Apple in 2021. The system has been released on September 20, 2021, and was preinstalled on the iPad 9th Generation and iPad mini 6th Generation. This software gets the latest update (15.7.3) on January 23, 2023.

The new iPadOS 15 adds a huge update to FaceTime. Has been added grid view to see all callers on the full screen at once. New Portrait Mode gives the possibility to blur the background. FaceTime is now supporting Spatial audio and adds vocal isolation to conversations.

FaceTime is more open for other platforms, with newly added links and calendar events, allowing Windows and Android users to join calls.

iPadOS 15 adds new functionality called Focus Mode, which has been designed to filter notifications and hold them for later while is enabled. Focus Mode can be enabled for various occasions, such as sleep, driving, or work. Users can select the apps and notifications that will be shown while Focus Mode is enabled and can be created an optional home screen dedicated to each of the Modes.

Focus Mode can also be enabled seamlessly with a user’s routine, such as at specific times of the day, or upon arriving at a location. When Focus Mode is enabled, it can also show widgets and apps relating to the user’s activity, such as work.

Another novelty is known from iOS 14 – App Library which allows to search Apps in a new way. Apps are categorized in folders such as Suggestions, Recently Added and others by default categories from the App Store. App Library is accessible from the dock or on the last page on the Home Screen.

Multitasking in iPadOS 15 is more powerful than ever. On the top of the open apps appears a new icon. Tapping on it reveals the new multitasking menu and allows for example to split the view between two apps. In addition, has been introduced a new area called the Shelf. The Shelf gives easy access to all open windows of an app.

iPadOS 15 is adding SharePlay, a feature that allows users to listen to music, watch movies, screen share, and more with other users in a FaceTime call.

Redesigned iMessage now improves ways of sharing images, in stacks that are easily navigable. iPadOS 15 same as iOS 15 also introduces the new “Shared with you” feature, which stores content shared via messages in a dedicated section in their native apps for later viewing (for instance, a news article shared via messages is shown in the News app). The update also adds more ‘outfits’ for Memoji, Apple’s take on the emoji.

Safari was completely redesigned with tab groups, allowing users to organize tabs and share entire groups of tabs. Browser extensions are available for the first time on both iPhones and iPads.

It features a menu that reports data collected from third-party applications. Siri now converts audio into words in the device itself using a neural engine; instead of sending it to the server which helps it to be faster and respond quicker.

Weather received an overhaul, with new animations and weather maps on full screen. Maps have a new icon that allows users to view 3D models of landmarks and cities, and it uses augmented reality to help navigate using the camera. Wallet added support for state-issued ID in participating US states, home or apartment keys, hotel keys, and office keys. 

Notification Center has been rethought, with notifications having a new user interface and larger icons. A notification summary is also available to simplify one’s routine. There is also a menu that reports data tracking from third-party applications.

Today iPadOS 15 is 31 months old!

iPadOS 15
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iPadOS 15 – General information

IntroducedJune 7, 2021
ReleasedSeptember 20, 2021
Original PriceFree
System RequirementsiPad 5th Generation
iPad 6th Generation
iPad 7th Generation
iPad 8th Generation
iPad 9th Generation
iPad Air 2
iPad Air 3rd Generation
iPad Air 4th Generation
iPad Air 5th Generation
iPad Pro 12.9-inch
iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd Generation
iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd Generation
iPad Pro 12.9-inch 4th Generation
iPad Pro 12.9-inch 5th Generation
iPad Pro 10.5-inch
iPad Pro 9.7-inch
iPad Pro 11-inch
iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd Generation
iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd Generation
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 5th Generation
iPad mini 6th Generation


VersionsBuildRelease Date
iPadOS 15.019A346September 20, 2021
iPadOS 15.0.119A348October 1, 2021
iPadOS 15.0.219A404October 11, 2021
iPadOS 15.119B74October 25, 2021
iPadOS 15.219C56December 13, 2021
iPadOS 15.2.119C63January 12, 2022
iPadOS 15.319D50January 26, 2022
iPadOS 15.3.119D52February 10, 2022
iPadOS 15.419E241March 14, 2022
iPadOS 15.4.119E258March 31, 2022
iPadOS 15.519F77May 16, 2022
iPadOS 15.619G71July 20, 2022
iPadOS 15.6.119G82August 17, 2022
iPadOS 15.719H12September 12, 2022
iPadOS 15.7.119H117October 27, 2022
iPadOS 15.7.219H218December 13, 2022
iPadOS 15.7.319H307January 23, 2023

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