macOS 11 Big Sur

macOS 11 Big Sur is an operating system that was designed and developed by Apple in 2020 alongside Apple’s personal computers. The system has been released on November 12, 2020, and is available as a Free Update, or is preinstalled on currently sold computers. This software gets the latest update (11.7.3) on January 23, 2023.

macOS Big Sur Features

macOS 11 Big Sur is the first version of macOS dedicated to Macs powered by Apple-designed ARM processors. Apple announced the first Mac Apple silicon chip, the Apple M1, in the Mac mini 2020, MacBook Air 13-inch 2020, and MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020. Of course, Apple will support Intel-based Macs in the coming years, and Big Sur is also available as an update for them. Unfortunately, various Macs released in 2012 and 2013 are no longer supported by the latest OS.

The biggest change in the latest version of the system is the design of the user interface. Its changes include translucency in various places and a new color palette.

All standard apps, as well as the Dock and the Menu Bar, are redesigned and streamlined, and their icons now have rounded-square shapes like iOS and iPadOS apps. Compared to iOS, Big Sur’s icons include more shading and highlights to give a three-dimensional appearance. System sounds are redone as well.

The new OS also brings further integration with Apple’s SF Symbols, enabling easier use by third-party developers as UI elements for their applications through AppKitSwiftUI, and Catalyst, which makes it possible to unify third-party applications with the existing Apple-made design language.

An interface with quick toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness and system volume has been added to the menu bar. This interface is functionally and visually similar to Control Center on iOS and iPadOS.

The Notification Center is redesigned, featuring interactive notifications and a transparent user interface. Notification Center also features a new widget system similar to that in iOS 14, displaying more information with more customization than previously available.

On Macs based on Apple Silicon, macOS Big Sur will run iOS and iPadOS applications natively and without any modifications needed from developers. The first Macs that will be able to run iOS apps are the MacBook Air M1 2020, Mac Mini M1 2020, and MacBook Pro M1 2020.

Today macOS 11 Big Sur is 3 years old!

macOS 11 Big Sur
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macOS 11 Big Sur – General information

ReleasedNovember 12, 2020
Original PriceFree
System RequirementsiMac Mid 2014 or newer
iMac Pro 2017
MacBook Early 2015 or newer
MacBook Pro Late 2013 or newer
MacBook Air Mid 2013 or newer
Mac mini Late 2013 or newer
Mac Pro Late 2013 or newer
4 GB of memory
35.5 – 44.5 GB of available disk space
OS X 10.9 or later
DistributionMac App Store
Software Update


VersionsBuildRelease Date
macOS 11.020A2411November 17, 2020*
macOS 11.0.120B29
November 12, 2020
macOS 11.120C69December 14, 2020
macOS 11.220D64February 1, 2021
macOS 11.2.120D74
February 9, 2021
macOS 11.2.220D80February 25, 2021
macOS 11.2.320D81March 8, 2021
macOS 11.320E232April 26, 2021
macOS 11.3.120E241May 3, 2021
macOS 11.420F71May 24, 2021
macOS 11.520G71July 21, 2021
macOS 11.5.120G80July 21, 2021
macOS 11.5.220G95August 11, 2021
macOS 11.620G165September 13, 2021
macOS 11.6.120G224October 25, 2021
macOS 11.6.220G314December 13, 2021
macOS 11.6.320G415January 26, 2022
macOS 11.6.420G417February 14, 2022
macOS 11.6.520G527March 14, 2022
macOS 11.6.620G624May 16, 2022
macOS 11.6.720G630June 9, 2022
macOS 11.6.820G730July 20, 2022
macOS 11.720G817September 12, 2022
macOS 11.7.120G918October 24, 2022
macOS 11.7.220G1020December 13, 2022
macOS 11.7.320G1116January 23, 2023
*Preinstalled on Mac mini M1, MacBook Air M1, and MacBook Pro M1

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