Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a smartwatch that was designed, manufactured, and currently sold by Apple since 2020 as part of the Apple Watch series. The Watch Series 6 has been introduced on 15 September 2020, released on 18 September 2020, and its price started at $399. The new Watch comes again in two sizes 40 mm and 44 mm and has been made in 10 different finishes including Aluminum (Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Blue, and (PRODUCT) RED), Stainless Steel (Silver, Graphite, Gold), Natural Titanium, and Space Black Titanium. Every Watch was shipped with a paired band. The device features a 1.57-inch or 1.78-inch LTPO OLED Retina always-on Displays with Force Touch covered by Ion-X glass or Sapphire crystal, Dual-Core 64-bit Apple S6 processor, 1 GB of RAM, Apple W3 chip, new Apple U1 chip, 32 GB of flash memory, Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, NFC for Apple Pay, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, ambient light sensor, ECG based on electrical heart sensor, heart rate sensor, new blood oxygen sensor, accelerometer, a gyroscope, barometric altimeter, magnetometer, water-resistance up to 50 meters, wireless charging, and additional Cellular model.

The Apple Watch Series 6 includes a new Apple S6 processor (that is up to 20% faster than the S4 and S5), a brighter always-on display, a Blood Oxygen app that works with a new in-watch sensor, an Electrocardiogram app, a Sleep Monitoring app, and an Always-on altimeter. The Series 6 has received as well updated 3rd generation Optical Heart Rate Sensor, faster charging in under 1.5 hours, improved battery life, and new (PRODUCT) RED and Blue color options.

Today Apple Watch Series 6 is 5 months old!

Apple Watch Series 6 – General information


Introduced15 September 2020
Shipped18 September 2020
Model IdentifierWatch6,1 (40 mm GPS)
Watch6,2 (44 mm GPS)
Watch6,3 (40 mm GPS + Cellular)
Watch6,4 (44 mm GPS + Cellular)
Model NumberA2291 (40 mm GPS)
A2292 (44 mm GPS)
A2293 (40 mm GPS + Cellular)
A2375 (40 mm GPS + Cellular)
A2294 (44 mm GPS + Cellular)
A2376 (44 mm GPS + Cellular)
EMC3479 (40 mm GPS)
3480 (44 mm GPS)
3341 (40 mm GPS + Cellular)
3342 (44 mm GPS + Cellular)
Order Number40 mm Aluminum GPS
MG143LL/A, MG123LL/A, M00A3LL/A, MG283LL/A, MG133LL/A, MG2A3LL/A, MG193LL/A, M02C3LL/A, MG183LL/A, MG1A3LL/A

44 mm Aluminum GPS
M00J3LL/A, M00E3LL/A, M00M3LL/A, M00D3LL/A, M00H3LL/A, M02G3LL/A, M02E3LL/A, M02H3LL/A, M02D3LL/A, M02F3LL/A

40 mm Aluminum GPS + Cellular
M02R3LL/A, M02P3LL/A, M02T3LL/A, M02N3LL/A, M02Q3LL/A, M02W3LL/A, M02X3LL/A, M02Y3LL/A, MG2U3LL/A, M02U3LL/A, M02V3LL/A, M0D73LL/A, M0D53LL/A, M0D83LL/A, M0D23LL/A, M0D63LL/A, M0D93LL/A, M0DF3LL/A, M0DC3LL/A, M06Q3B/A, M06N3B/A, M06R3B/A, M06M3B/A, M06P3B/A, M06V3B/A, M06W3B/A, M06X3B/A, M06Y3B/A, M06T3B/A, M06U3B/A, M0DR3B/A, M0DP3B/A, M0DT3B/A, M0DM3B/A, M0DQ3B/A, M0DU3B/A, M0DW3B/A, M0DV3B/A

44 mm Aluminum GPS + Cellular
M07J3LL/A, M07G3LL/A, M07K3LL/A, M07F3LL/A, M07H3LL/A, M07N3LL/A, M07P3LL/A, M07Q3LL/A, M07R3LL/A, M07L3LL/A, M07M3LL/A, M0G93LL/A, M0G73LL/A, M0GC3LL/A, M0G63LL/A, M0G83LL/A, M0GD3LL/A, M0GG3LL/A, M0GF3LL/A, M09A3B/A, MG2D3B/A, M09C3B/A, MG2C3B/A, MG2E3B/A, M09F3B/A, M09G3B/A, M09H3B/A, M09J3B/A, M09D3B/A, M09E3B/A, M0GT3B/A, M0GQ3B/A, M0GU3B/A, M0GP3B/A, M0GR3B/A, M0GV3B/A, M0GX3B/A, M0GW3B/A

40 mm Nike+ GPS
M00X3LL/A, M00T3LL/A, M02K3LL/A, M02J3LL/A

44 mm Nike+ GPS
MG173LL/A, MG293LL/A, M02M3LL/A, M02L3LL/A

40 mm Nike+ GPS + Cellular
M06L3LL/A, M06J3LL/A, M0DL3LL/A, M0DK3LL/A, M07E3B/A, M07C3B/A, M0G53B/A, M0G23B/A

44 mm Nike+ GPS + Cellular
MG2J3LL/A, MG2G3LL/A, M0GM3LL/A, M0GL3LL/A, M09Y3B/A, M09W3B/A, M0H63B/A, M0H53B/A

40 mm Hermes GPS + Cellular
MG2Y3LL/A, MG2X3LL/A, MG313LL/A, MG303LL/A, MG343B/A, MG373B/A, MG363B/A, MG3K3B/A

44 mm Hermes GPS + Cellular
MG323LL/A, MG333LL/A, MG3A3B/A, G3G3B/A

40 mm Edition GPS + Cellular

44 mm Edition GPS + Cellular
M0GJ3LL/A, M0GH3LL/A, M0H23B/A, M0H13B/A
Price$399 (40 mm Aluminium GPS)
$499 (40 mm Aluminium GPS + Cellular)
$429 (44 mm Aluminium GPS)
$529 (44 mm Aluminium GPS + Cellular)
$699$1,399 (40 mm Stainless Steel GPS + Cellular)
$749$1,499 (44 mm Stainless Steel GPS + Cellular)
$799 (40 mm Titanium GPS + Cellular)
$849$899 (44 mm Titanium GPS + Cellular)
ColorsAluminum (Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Blue, and (PRODUCT) RED)
Stainless Steel – Hermes (Silver, Space Black, Gold)
Edition – Natural Titanium and Space Black Titanium
Stainless Steel
Weight1.05 – 1.41 oz. – 30 – 40 Gram (40 mm)

1.26 – 1.68 oz. – 36 – 48 Gram (44 mm)
Dimensions1.57” H x 1.34” W x 0.41″ D (40 mm)
40 mm H x 34 mm W x 10.4 mm D (40 mm)

1.73” H x 1.5” W x 0.41″ D (44 mm)
44 mm H x 38 mm W x 10.4 mm D (44 mm)



ProcessorApple S6
Apple W3
Apple U1
Processor SpeedUnknown
Number of Cores2
Memory1 GB DRAM


Storage32 GB


Display MaterialsIon-X glass (Aluminum)
Sapphire crystal (Stainless Steel, Titanium)
Display1.57″ LTPO OLED Retina always-on Display (40 mm)
1.78″ LTPO OLED Retina always-on Display (44 mm)
Display Size759 mm2 (40 mm)
977 mm2 (44 mm)
Resolutions324 x 394 (40 mm)
368 x 448 (44 mm)
Brightness1000 cd/m2
Pixel Density326 ppi


Input MethodDigital Crown
Force Touch
Digital Touch
Side Button


SensorsAmbient light sensor
Optical heart sensor (ECG)
Blood Oxygen sensor (VO2 max)
Electrical Heart sensor
Barometric altimeter
Tactile FeedbackTaptic Engine


Wi-Fi802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Networks*LTE and UMTS
SIM Slot*None – Built-in Apple SIM (eSIM)
NFCNFC for Apple Pay
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Audio In1 – Microphone
Audio Out1 – Speaker
*GPS + Cellular version only


Original OSwatchOS 7.0
Maximum OSwatchOS 7.3
System RequirementsiPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus or later
iOS 14 or later
Intelligent AssistantSiri


BatteryBuilt-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity266 mAh (40 mm)
304 mAh (44 mm)
Battery LifeUp to 18 hours
PowerApple 5 W or 12 W Power adapter

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Source: Wikipedia, Apple

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