Personal LaserWriter NTR

On March 1, 1992, Apple introduced the Personal LaserWriter NTR, a printer that was designed, manufactured, and sold as part of the Apple Printer series. This revolutionary printer was available for purchase at a starting price of $3,299.

The Personal LaserWriter NTR was equipped with a 16 MHz AMD 29005 processor, 2 MB of ROM, and the ability to print in one color with a resolution of up to 300 dpi. It also had a printing speed of up to 4 pages per minute, and featured both a Serial connection and a LocalTalk port, as well as a Parallel port.

However, despite its impressive capabilities, the Personal LaserWriter NTR was discontinued on September 1, 1993. As of today, the Personal LaserWriter NTR is 31 years old, and though it may no longer be available for purchase, it remains a significant piece of technology in the history of Apple printers.

Personal LaserWriter NTR
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Personal LaserWriter NTR Release Date and Original Price

Introduced March 1, 1992
DiscontinuedSeptember 1, 1993
Model NumberUnknown
Order NumberM8026G/A
Original Price$3,299
Weight32 Ibs.
14.515 KG
Demensions8” H x 15” W x 18.3” D
20.32 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 46.48 cm D


Pages Per Minute4
LanguagePostScript Level 2
PCL 4+


ProcessorAMD 29005
Processor Speed16 MHz
ROM Size2 MB
Maximum Memory4 MB
Memory Slots1 – 72-pin SIMM
Minimum Speed80 ns




Maximum Continuous Power600 W

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