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Newton OS

Newton OS is an operating system that was designed and developed by Apple in 1993 alongside Apple’s Newton PDAs. This Operating Software has been released on 3 August 1993 and was preinstalled on currently sold Newton MessagePad and eMate. This specific software was written entirely in C++ and was trimmed to be low power consuming and use the available memory efficiently. Many applications were preinstalled in the device ROM to start up quickly and save RAM and flash memory storage. Newton OS features a new user interface, handwriting recognition system, drawers, and animations. Newton OS came with basic software including Works app, Notes app, Dates app, Names app, Formulas app, Calculator app, clock app, and Book Reader app.

Today Newton OS is 28 years old!

Newton OS – General information


Introduced3 August 1993
System RequirementsApple Newton MessagePad
Motorola Marco
DistributionPackage installation


Newton OS 1.03 August 1993
Newton OS 1.130 October 1993
Newton OS 1.2Unknown
Newton OS 1.34 March 1994
Newton OS 2.014 March 1996
Newton OS 2.121 March 1997

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