Magic Trackpad 2

The Magic Trackpad 2 is a pointing device that was designed, manufactured, and currently sold by Apple since 2015 as part of the Apple Magic Trackpad series. The Trackpad has been introduced on October 13, 2015, alongside new iMacs, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse 2.

Since its release, Trackpad is offered as an option instead of Magic Mouse 2 alongside a Magic Keyboard with the 2015+ generation of iMacs. It can also be purchased separately for $129 in two color versions; Silver and Space Gray, but from May 15, 2021, Magic Trackpad 2 in Space Gray color was available until stock lasts.

The Magic Trackpad 2 is similar to its predecessor, with the key differences being a larger form factor, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and Force Touch. The trackpad also provides haptic feedback via Apple’s built-in Taptic Engine which is the same in MacBook trackpads. The Lightning connector is used for charging and pairing. The trackpad is compatible with every Mac running OS X 10.11 El Capitan and higher.

On April 20, 2021, Apple announced an all-new iMac in 7 colors bundled with color matching Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse. The new colors are Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and Purple.

On March 8, 2022, has been introduced new color of Magic Trackpad 2 in the Silver & Black option alongside the new Mac Studio and Studio Display. The new colored trackpad can be purchased separately for $149.

Today Magic Trackpad 2 is 8 years old!

Magic Trackpad 2
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Magic Trackpad 2 Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedOctober 13, 2015 (Silver)
December 14, 2017 (Space Gray)
April 20, 2021 (Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Purple)
March 8, 2022 (Silver & Black)
DiscontinuedMay 15, 2021 (Space Gray)
Model NumberA1535
Order NumberMJ2R2LL/A (Silver)
MRMF2LL/A (Space Gray)
MMMP3LL/A (Silver & Black)
Original Price$129 (Silver)
$149 (Space Gray / Silver & Black)
Silver & Black
Space Gray
Weight0.51 Ibs. – 231 Grams
Dimensions6.1″ W x 4.52″ D x 0.19″ – 0.43″ H
15.49 cm W x 11.48 cm D x 0.48 – 1.09 cm H

System Requirements


Buttons1 – with Multi-Touch and Force Touch
1 – Power Button
GesturesOne Finger
Tap to Click
Drag Lock
Secondary Click

Two Fingers
Pinch Open & Close
Screen Zoom
Secondary Tap

Three Fingers
Swipe to Navigate (Customizable)

Four Fingers
Swipe Up / Down to Exposé
Swipe Left / Right to Sitch Applications


Lightning port


Power7.65 W Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity2024 mAh
Battery LifeUp to 2 months

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Apple Support – Magic Trackpad: Technical Specifications