Macintosh System Software 0.7

On January 16, 1986, Apple unveiled its Macintosh System Software 0.7, an operating system designed specifically for the Macintosh Plus. This version of the system software was a major update for Apple’s Macintosh line, bringing support for a number of new technologies and features.

One of the key features included in the Macintosh System Software 0.7 was support for the LaserWriter printers series, which allowed users to easily print documents from their Macintosh computers. The update also brought support for HFS, a file system that was crucial for the Macintosh’s ability to read and write to larger storage devices.

In addition to these features, the Macintosh System Software 0.7 also included support for 800K startup drives and several new technologies like SCSI and AppleShare. The update also brought a new “bulging” appearance to the trash can icon, which was a small but notable change for Macintosh users.

It’s hard to believe that this version of the Macintosh System Software is now 37 years old! Since its release, it has been replaced by newer versions, with the latest being System Software 1.0. Nevertheless, the Macintosh System Software 0.7 remains an important piece of technology history and a testament to Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience.

Macintosh System Software 0.7
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Macintosh System Software 0.7 General Information

ReleasedJanuary 16, 1986
System RequirementsMotorola 68000 processor or later
128 KB of RAM
Distribution400 KB floppy disk
VersionsSystem 3.0
Finder 5.1

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