Mac OS X Server 10.1 Puma
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Mac OS X Server 10.1 Puma

The Mac OS X Server 10.1 Puma is an operating system that was designed, developed, and sold by Apple in 2001 alongside Apple’s server computers. The system has been released on 25 September 2001, and was available for $499 or was preinstalled on currently sold server computers. This software gets the last update (10.1.5) on 14 May 2002 and later has been replaced by a newer version of Mac OS X Server 10.2 Jaguar.

Mac OS X Server 10.1 Puma was a truly major step compared to 10.0, because Cheetah felt like a beta system, and 10.1 was the first Mac OS X Server release that could be actually used. This release brings many improvements like faster application launch time, window resizing, the Dock was the moveable, more customizable interface, hundreds of new drivers, improved CD and DVD burning in Finder as well as in iTunes, better color management system ColorSync 4.0 or enhanced 3D graphics performance.

Today Mac OS X Server 10.1 Puma is 19 years old!

Mac OS X Server 10.1 Puma – General information


Introduced24 March 2001
Released25 September 2001
Price$499 (10 Client)
$999 (Unlimited Client)
System RequirementsMacintosh Server G4, Power Mac G4, Power Mac G4 Cube, iMac, Macintosh Server G3, and Power Macintosh G3 computers
128 MB RAM
4 GB of hard disk space
Order NumberM8583Z/A (10 Client)
M8585Z/A (Unlimited Client)


VersionsBuildRelease Date
Mac OS X Server 10.15G6425 September 2001
Mac OS X Server 10.1.15N1321 November 2001
Mac OS X Server 10.1.25P6817 January 2002
Mac OS X Server 10.1.35Q4520 February 2002
Mac OS X Server 10.1.45S4017 April 2002
Mac OS X Server 10.1.5 (Xserve only)N/A14 May 2002

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