Mac OS X Server 1.0

The Mac OS X Server 1.0 is an operating system that was designed, developed, and sold by Apple in 1999 alongside Apple’s server computers. The system has been released on March 16, 1999, and was preinstalled on currently sold server computers. This software gets the last update (1.2 v3) on October 27, 2000, and later has been replaced by a newer version of Mac OS X Server 10.1 Cheetah.

Mac OS X Server 1.0 is based on the main version of Mac OS 8 and the OpenStep system is based on NeXT technology. This version of Mac OS Server features AppleShare services and server applications such as file and printer sharing and user management.

Today Mac OS X Server 1.0 is 24 years old!

Mac OS X Server 1.0
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Mac OS X Server 1.0 General Information

ReleasedMarch 16, 1999
Original PriceUnknown
System RequirementsPower Mac G3 or Macintosh Server G3
1 GB of hard disk space
Order NumberM7348Z/A


VersionRelease Date
Mac OS X Server 1.0March 16, 1999
Mac OS X Server 1.0.1April 15, 1999
Mac OS X Server 1.0.2July 29, 1999
Mac OS X Server 1.1Unknown (contains the same content as 1.0.2)
Mac OS X Server 1.2January 14, 2000
Mac OS X Server 1.2 v3October 27, 2000

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