Mac OS 7.6

Mac OS 7.6 is an operating system that was designed and developed by Apple in 1997 alongside Apple’s Macintosh computers. This operating system has been released on January 7, 1997, and was officially called “Mac OS” instead of “System Software”.

The new Mac OS 7.6 features a more native PowerPC code for Power Macs, a new “About This Macintosh” menu, a revamped Extensions Manager, more bundled Internet tools and utilities, a more stable Finder with increased memory allocation, new QuickTime 2.5, Assistant Toolbox, Display Manager, File Manager, and much more.

This version of Mac OS has been replaced by Mac OS 8.0.

Today Mac OS 7.6 is 28 years old!

Mac OS 7.6
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Mac OS 7.6 General Information

ReleasedJanuary 7, 1997
Original PriceUnknown
System RequirementsMotorola 68030 processor or later
PowerPC processor
40 MB of hard disk space
Distribution1.44 MB floppy disk


VersionRelease Date
Mac OS 7.6January 7, 1997
Mac OS 7.6.1April 7, 1997

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