Lisa Office System 3.1

The Lisa Office System 3.1 (Lisa OS 3.1) is an operating system based on a graphical interface and was developed by Apple in 1983, especially for the Apple Lisa computer.

Lisa OS 3.1 has been publicly released on April 24, 1984, and was based in part on elements from the Apple Sophisticated Operating System which was released for Apple III.

Lisa OS 3.1 features support for “microdisks” (standard 3.5″ disks) which replaced the twiggy disks of the original Lisa computer, the “wastebasket” was renamed to “trash”, “Desk” menu added to the menu bar to make switching between document windows easier, has been added LisaTerminal, and “View and disk” menu of the desktop manager changed to “Housekeeping”.

Today Lisa Office System 3.1 is 38 years old!

Lisa OS 3.1
Source: – Lisa OS 3.1

Lisa Office System 3.1 General Information

ReleasedApril 24, 1984
System RequirementsApple Lisa
Apple Lisa 2
DistributionFloppy disk

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