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iOS 4

The iOS 4 is an operating system that was designed, developed especially for iPhone and iPad by Apple from 2010 to 2011. The system has been released on 21 June 2010 and was preinstalled on the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th Generation, iPad 2, and Apple TV 2nd Generation. This software gets the last update (4.3.5) on 25 July 2011 and later has been replaced by a newer version iOS 5.

The new operating system introduced folders on the home screen, significantly increasing the number of apps that can be displayed. Support for custom wallpapers was also added, although limited to newer devices due to animation performance requirements. The operating system also added a multitasking feature, letting apps dealing with Internet calling, location, and audio playback function in the background, whereas a similar but more restricted “Fast App Switching” technology enabled any app to be left inactive in the background while users switch to other apps. iOS 4 also added a system-wide spell checking feature, enabled iBooks on iPhone, unified the Mail inbox to combine content from different email providers, and introduced both Game Center for social gaming and FaceTime for video calling.

Today iOS 4 is 11 years old!

iOS 4 – General information


Introduced21 June 2010
System RequirementsiPhone 3G
iPhone 3Gs
iPhone 4
iPod touch 2nd Generation
iPod touch 3rd Generation
iPod touch 4th Generation
iPad 2
Apple TV 2nd Generation
Apple TV Software Update


VersionsBuildRelease Date
iOS 4.08A29321 June 2010
iOS 4.0.18A30615 July 2010
iOS 4.0.28A40011 August 2010
iOS 4.18B1178 September 2010
iOS 4.1 (Apple TV 4.0)8M891 September 2010
iOS 4.2 (Apple TV 4.1)8C15022 November 2010
iOS 4.2.18C148
22 November 2010
iOS 4.2.1 (Apple TV 4.1.1)8C15414 December 2010
iOS 4.2.58E12811 January 2011
iOS 4.2.68E20031 January 2011
iOS 4.2.7 (iPhone 4 CDMA)8E30314 April 2011
iOS 4.2.8 (iPhone 4 CDMA)8E4014 May 2011
iOS 4.2.9 (iPhone 4 CDMA)8E50115 July 2011
iOS 4.2.10 (iPhone 4 CDMA)8E60025 July 2011
iOS 4.38F1904 March 2011
iOS 4.3 (Apple TV 4.2)8F191m4 March 2011
iOS 4.3 (Apple TV 4.2.1)8F20222 March 2011
iOS 4.3 (Apple TV 4.2.2)8F30511 May 2011
iOS 4.3 (Apple TV 4.3)8F4551 August 2011
iOS 4.3.18G425 March 2011
iOS 4.3.2 (4.2.7 for iPhone 4 CDMA)8H7
14 April 2011
iOS 4.3.3 (4.2.8 for iPhone 4 CDMA)8J2
4 May 2011
iOS 4.3.4 (4.2.9 for iPhone 4 CDMA)8K215 July 2011
iOS 4.3.5 (4.2.10 for iPhone 4 CDMA)8L125 July 2011

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