AppleCD 300

On October 12, 1992, Apple introduced the AppleCD 300, an external CD drive that was designed, manufactured, and sold by the company as a part of their AppleCD Series. The device was priced at $599 and quickly became a popular choice among Apple users.

The AppleCD 300 featured a Caddy-Loading CD-ROM Drive, with a maximum storage capacity of 748 MB. It also had a SCSI connection port, a 3.5-mm headphone jack, and two RCA stereo output ports. These features made the device a versatile option for users who wanted to play and store CDs, as well as connect it to other devices.

However, despite its popularity, the AppleCD 300 was discontinued on June 7, 1994. Today, the device is 30 years old and it serves as a reminder of the early days of Apple’s foray into the world of CD drives.

Despite its discontinuation, the AppleCD 300 still holds a special place in the hearts of many Apple enthusiasts. The device was not only a technological marvel of its time, but it also marked a significant moment in Apple’s history. As we look back on the 30 years since its release, it’s clear that the AppleCD 300 was a groundbreaking product that paved the way for many other innovations in the world of CD drives.

AppleCD 300
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AppleCD 300 Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedOctober 12, 1992
DiscontinuedJune 7, 1994
Model IdentifierUnknown
Model NumberM3023
Order NumberM2710LL/A
Original Price$599
Weight6.29 Ibs.
2.853 KG
Dimensions1.96” H x 7” W x 13.1” D
4.97 cm H x 17.78 cm W x 33.27 cm D

System Requirements


TypeCaddy-Loading CD-ROM Drive
Capacity656 MB (1st Mode)
748 MB (2nd Mode)
Data Transfer Rate2x


Ports2- RCA Stereo output
2 – 50-pin DB-25 SCSI
1 – 3.5-mm Headphone jack



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