Apple Sophisticated Operating System 1.0

In 1980, Apple introduced the world to the Apple Sophisticated Operating System 1.0 (Apple SOS 1.0), a revolutionary operating system developed specifically for the Apple III computer. Released to the public on May 19th of that year, the system quickly gained praise from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who declared it “the finest operating system on any microcomputer ever.”

SOS 1.0 was a single-tasking, single-user operating system that provided users with a menu-driven utility program and programming application programming interface (API) to access the resources of the Apple III. The system booted up with a program called the interpreter, which then used the SOS API to make requests for the system.

However, by 1982, SOS 1.0 had been replaced by the updated SOS 1.3. Despite this, the legacy of Apple SOS 1.0 lives on, as it turns 42 years old today. It may have been replaced by newer, more advanced systems, but it will always hold a special place in the history of Apple and the development of modern operating systems.

Apple SOS 1.0
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Apple Sophisticated Operating System 1.0 General Information

ReleasedMay 19, 1980
System RequirementsApple III
DistributionFloppy disk

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