Apple Silentype

In 1979, Apple introduced the world to the Silentype, a thermal printer that was part of the company’s printer series. The printer was officially released in March 1980, with a starting price of $595.

The Silentype offered 80-column output and was compatible with the Apple III. However, it required its own specially designed interface card or an Apple III with the built-in Silentype port. The printer was mechanically similar to other thermal printers on the market, such as the 3M Whisper Writer 1000 and the Trendcom Model 200.

However, Apple made some internal changes to the digital board, removing the expensive microprocessor and memory chips, and relying on software from the Apple II instead. The printer was discontinued on October 1, 1982, and replaced by the Apple Dot Matrix Printer.

Today, the Apple Silentype is 43 years old and serves as a reminder of the company’s early efforts in the printer market. While it may not have been as popular or successful as some of Apple’s other products, the Silentype was a significant part of the company’s history.

Apple Silientype
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Apple Silentype Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedJune 1, 1979
ReleasedMarch 1980
DiscontinuedOctober 1, 1982
Order NumberA2M0032
Internal Price$595

System Requirements

  • Apple III computer


Page Per MinuteText Mode: Up to 40 characters per second, bidirectional
Graphics Mode: 240 columns of 7 dots each per second
DPIText mode: 10 characters/inch horizontal, 6 lines/inch vertical.
Graphics mode: 60 dots/inch




Maximum Continuous PowerUnknown

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