Apple Scribe

The Apple Scribe is a printer that was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple from 1984 to 1986 as part of the Apple Printer series. The thermal printer has been introduced on April 24, 1984, alongside the Apple IIc, and its price started at $299.

The new Scribe Printer features 4 printing colors, three printing modes, a printing speed of up to 80 characters per second, and an RS-232C connection port.

This printer has been discontinued on December 1, 1985.

Today Apple Scribe is 38 years old!

Apple Scribe
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Apple Scribe Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedApril 24, 1984
DiscontinuedDecember 1, 1985
Model NumberA9M0306
Original Price$299
Weight14.1 Ibs.
6.395 KG
Demensions6.1” H x 14.5” W x 12.4” D
15.49 cm H x 36.83 cm W x 31.49 cm D

System Requirements


Pages Per MinuteDraft Mode: 80 characters per second
Letter Quality Mode: 50 characters per second
DPIDraft Mode: 9 x 14 dots per character
Letter Quality Mode: 12 x 5 dots per character
Graphics Mode: 160 x 144 dpi
CartridgeBlack Ribbon Cassette (A9G0328)
Color Ribbon Cassette (A9G0329)




Maximum Continuous Power60 W

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