Apple Pro Mouse

The Apple Pro Mouse was introduced in July 2000 at the Macworld Conference & Expo in New York City. Apple Computer was the first company to ship an optical mouse as the standard input device with all its desktops. While the industrial design of the Pro Mouse was handled entirely by Apple’s in-house designers, some of the hardware has been engineered by Sparkfactor Design. The Pro Mouse was included with the Power Mac G4 Cube, also introduced at that year’s Macworld. Apple was the first company to use USB mice and keyboards exclusively when they introduced the “hockey-puck” mouse with the original iMac G3 in May 1998. Like the “hockey-puck” mouse and all future mice Apple would make, the Apple Pro Mouse was a USB mouse with a much shorter cord than its ADB predecessors, its 2-foot cord was designed to plug neatly into one of the two ports of the Apple Pro Keyboard’s built-in USB hub. The Apple Pro Mouse also featured a unique mechanism to allow for three click force settings for the required pressure to click the mouse. The Apple Pro Mouse was originally released on the iMac DV Special Edition “Snow”.

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Apple Pro Mouse – General information

IntroducedJuly 2000
DiscontinuedMay 2003
Model NumberM5769
System Requirements
ConnectionUSB 1.1

Source: Wikipedia, Quora, Apple

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