Apple Printer II

On June 1, 1978, Apple introduced the Apple Printer II (Centronics Micro printer P1) as part of their Apple Printer Series. This printer, which was available for purchase until June 1, 1979, was designed specifically for use with the Apple II computer series.

The Printer II boasted impressive specs at the time of its release, including 80 characters per line at 150 lines per minute, a printing resolution of up to 20 characters per inch, and the ability to print in a single color. Additionally, the printer required no toner or ribbon and came with an Interface Card. The prints were on 4.75″ aluminum-coated roll stock.

Despite its impressive features, the Apple Printer II was only available for purchase for a year, as it was replaced by the Apple Silentype in June 1979. Today, the Apple Printer II is 44 years old and has become a piece of Apple history.

While the Apple Printer II may no longer be available for purchase, it serves as a reminder of the early days of Apple’s hardware development, and the innovations that the company has brought to the world of printing over the years.

Apple Printer II
Source: – Centronics Microprinter P1 (Apple Printer II)

Apple Printer II Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedJune 1, 1978
DiscontinuedJune 1, 1979
Order NumberA2M0010
Original Price$695

System Requirements


TypeImpact dot matrix
Pages Per Minute80 characters per line at 150 lines per minute
DPI5, 10, or 20 characters per inch


ConnectionInterface Card


Maximum Continuous PowerUnknown

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