Apple Performa Display

On September 1, 1992, Apple introduced the Apple Performa Display as part of their Apple Display series. This 14-inch Color RGB Monitor offered a 67 dpi screen with resolutions up to 640 x 480 pixels, 32,000 colors, and a DA-15 video connection. Designed specifically for the Macintosh Performa 400, the display was a powerful addition to Apple’s lineup.

However, the Apple Performa Display was not meant to be a long-term addition to the company’s offerings. On July 18, 1994, the display was discontinued, and today, 30 years later, it remains a piece of Apple’s history.

While the Apple Performa Display may no longer be available for purchase, its introduction in 1992 marked a significant moment in the company’s history. The display’s advanced technology and sleek design were a testament to Apple’s commitment to innovation and design.

Today, Apple continues to push the boundaries of display technology with their Retina displays and ProMotion technology. However, the Apple Performa Display will always hold a special place in the company’s history and in the hearts of Apple enthusiasts.

Apple Performa Plus Display
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Apple Performa Display Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedSeptember 1, 1992
DiscontinuedJuly 18, 1994
Model NumberUnknown
Order NumberM9102LL/D
Original Price$305
Weight35 Ibs.
15.875 KG
Dimensions12.75” H x 13.9” W x 14.75” D
32.38 cm H x 35.3 cm W x 37.46 cm D

System Requirements

  • Macintosh Performa computer


TypeShadow Mask CRT
Viewable Area13”
Resolutions640 x 480 pixels at 66.7 Hz
Viewing AngleUnknown
Contrast RatioUnknown
Response TimeUnknown
Pixel Pitch0.39 mm
Pixel Density67 dpi




Maximum Continuous Power85 W

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Apple Support – Performa Display: Technical Specifications