Apple Modem IIA

On June 1st, 1978, Apple introduced a new addition to their line of computer accessories: the Apple Modem IIA (also known as the Novation CAT). This communications package promised to extend the capabilities of the Apple II computer by allowing users to transfer programs over the telephone network.

At its launch, the Modem IIA had a starting price of $315 and came with an Apple Portfolio Evaluator program. This software gave the Apple II the ability to function as an intelligent terminal, allowing users to request and process information from remote databases.

One of the most convenient features of the Modem IIA was its easy connection process. Users simply placed their telephone handset on top of the modem, eliminating the need for any permanent connections or wiring changes. The modem itself included an acoustic coupler (modem) and an optional Apple Communications Interface Card.

Unfortunately, the Modem IIA’s time on the market was brief. On June 1st, 1979, Apple discontinued the product and replaced it with the Apple Modem IIB. Now, 44 years later, the Modem IIA remains a piece of Apple history and a reminder of the company’s early efforts in expanding the capabilities of its computers.

Apple Modem IIA
Source: Apple Magazine Vol. 1 No. 2 – Apple Modem IIA

Apple Modem IIA Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedJune 1, 1978
DiscontinuedJune 1, 1979
Model NumberA2M0021 (Modem IIA only)
A2M0017 (Modem IIA with Interface)
A2M0018 (Modem IIA with Interface)
Order NumberUnknown
Original Price$315 (Modem IIA only)
(Modem IIA with Interface)

System Requirements


Connection1 – Serial



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