Apple Modem 1200

The Apple Modem 1200 is a communications package that was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple in 1983 as part of the Apple Modem series. The Apple Modem 300 has been introduced on December 1, 1983, and its price started at $495.

The Modem 1200 is a compact device that allows communication with other computers by simply using a telephone line. It is designed to be as “friendly” as possible with few controls to concern, and it can be positioned under the telephone to take up a minimum of desk space.

Apple Modem is an intelligent modem, which means that, along with handling itself automatically, it can both answer and dial the telephone. What makes modem intelligent is the built-in microprocessor that allows it to handle all of the communications between the computer and the computer that is called, with a minimum amount of effort from the user.

Using this modem to dial telephone numbers becomes a simple task – just type the telephone number on the Apple computer keyboard and the modem does the rest. Modem 1200 can automatically answer the telephone and receive messages with the appropriate communications software.

Apple Modem 1200 is identical to Modem 300, but the difference between them is transmission speed, model 300 has 300 baud, and model 1200 has 1200 baud.

Today Apple Modem 1200 is 38 years old!

Apple Modem 1200
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Apple Modem 1200 Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedDecember 1, 1983
Model IdentifierUnknown
Model NumberA9M0301
Order NumberUnknown
Original Price$495

System Requirements


Connection1 – DB-9
Ports2 – Modular Telephone Jacks
1 – Power



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