Apple Lisa

On January 16th, 1983, Apple introduced the world to the Lisa: a revolutionary personal computer that would change the game for the industry. As part of the Apple Lisa series, this computer was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple from 1983 to 1984.

Despite its high price tag of $9,995, the Lisa quickly caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. It boasted a 5 MHz Motorola 68000 processor, a 12-inch CRT display, and the ability to hold up to 2 MB of RAM. For those looking for even more storage, an optional external storage option called the Apple ProFile was available, offering 5 MB or 10 MB of hard drive space. Additionally, the Lisa was equipped with two 871 KB 5.25-inch floppy drivers.

However, Lisa’s reign was short-lived. On August 1st, 1984, Apple discontinued the computer. Today, the Lisa is 40 years old and has become a piece of tech history. While it may not have had the longevity of other Apple products, it’s undeniable that the Lisa played a significant role in shaping the personal computer market as we know it today.

Apple Lisa
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Apple Lisa Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedJanuary 16, 1983
DiscontinuedAugust 1, 1984
Model Identifier1
Order NumberUnknown
Original Price$9,995
Weight48 Ibs.
21.772 KG
Dimensions13.8” H x 18.7” W x 15.2” D
35.05 cm H x 47.49 cm W x 38.6 cm D

Tech Specs

ProcessorMotorola 68000
Processor Speed5 MHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus5 MHz
StorageExternal 5 or 10 MB Apple ProFile hard disk drive
Built-in MemoryNone
Maximum Memory2 MB
Memory Slots2 – Apple Lisa memory boards


Built-in Display12”
Resolutions720 x 364 or 608 x 432 (with Screen Kit) at 60 Hz


SoftwareLisa Office System 1.0


Serial2 – RS-232C
1 – DE-9
Audio OutContinuously Variable Demodulators (CVSD)
Display1 – RCA composite video output
Expansion Slots3 – Apple Lisa expansion slots
Media2 – Built-in 871 KB Apple FileWare 5.25-inch floppy drivers


Keyboard76-key selectric-style, detached keyboard with 10-key pad


Maximum Continuous Power270 W
Line Voltage115 or 230V AC

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