Apple Integer BASIC

In 1976, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., developed the Apple Integer BASIC, a BASIC interpreter specifically for the Apple-1 and Apple II computers. Originally, the software was only available on cassette for the Apple I, but later it was included in the ROM on the Apple II. This made Apple Integer BASIC the first version of BASIC to be used on personal computers.

At the time of its development, the language was known as GAME BASIC, but it was later introduced as Apple BASIC on the Apple Computer 1. When it was ported to the Apple II, it was renamed Integer BASIC and shipped alongside Applesoft BASIC, a port of Microsoft BASIC that included floating-point support. However, starting with the release of the Apple II Plus in 1979, Integer BASIC was phased out in favor of Applesoft BASIC.

Today, Apple Integer BASIC is 46 years old and holds a special place in the history of personal computing. It was the first version of BASIC to be used on personal computers and paved the way for the development of future programming languages.

Apple Integer BASIC
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Apple Integer BASIC General Information

ReleasedApril 11, 1976
System RequirementsApple I
Apple II
Included in ROM

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