ImageWriter LQ

ImageWriter LQ (Letter Quality) is a 27-pin dot matrix printer introduced in 1987 by Apple Computer, Inc.. The print quality was comparable to competing 24-pin dot-matrix printers, and offered graphics at 320 × 216 DPI. Unlike the ImageWriter II, the LQ was unreliable and noisy. Its printhead had a tendency to overheat with large multi-page prints and melt the glue holding the crystal that supported the pins.

Like the earlier ImageWriter II, the LQ can be networked on an AppleTalk network with the addition of a card. This, as well as guaranteed compatibility with both Apple II and Macintosh computers, made it popular in schools.

History of ImageWriter LQ is provided by wikipedia

ImageWriter LQ – General Information

IntroducedAugust 1987
DiscontinuedDecember 1990
Model NumberUnknown
Weight38 Ibs.
17.236 KG
Demensions5.12” H x 23.2” W x 15” D
13 cm H x 58.92 cm W x 38.1 cm D
Previous model
TypeImpact dot matrix
Colors1, Optional 4
Pages Per Minute0.3
CartridgeImageWriter Black Ribbon (A9G0335)
ImageWriter Color Ribbon (A9G0336)
Optical LocalTalk
Maximum Continuous Power180 W
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Source: Wikipedia, Apple Rescue of Denver, Apple

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