Apple III
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Apple III & Apple III Plus

The Apple III (often rendered as Apple ///) is a business-oriented personal computer intended as the successor to the Apple II series, but largely considered a failure in the market. The machine was first announced and released on May 19, 1980, but due to serious stability issues that required a design overhaul and a recall of existing machines, it was formally reintroduced the following autumn. The Apple III was designed to be a business computer and an eventual successor for the Apple II. While the Apple II contributed to the inspirations of several important business products, such as VisiCalc, Multiplan and Apple Writer, the computer’s hardware architecture, operating system and developer environment were limited. The Apple III addressed these weaknesses. According to Steve Wozniak, VisiCalc and Disk II had caused the Apple II’s popularity, with 90% of sales going to businesses as opposed to the hobbyists that were its original market. Once the logic board design flaws were discovered, a newer logic board design was produced – which included a lower power requirement, wider traces and better designed chip sockets. The $3,495 U.S. revised model also included 256 KB RAM as a standard configuration. The 14,000 units of the original Apple III sold were returned and replaced with the entirely new revised model. The Apple III Plus was introduced in December 1983 at a price of $2,995 U.S. This newer version included a built-in clock, video interlacing, standardised rear port connectors, 256K RAM as standard, and a re-designed keyboard. The keyboard was designed in the style of the earlier beige Apple IIe. Owners of the earlier Apple III could obtain the newer logic board as a service replacement. A keyboard upgrade kit, dubbed “Apple III Plus upgrade kit” was also made available – which included the keyboard, cover, keyboard encoder ROM and logo replacements.

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Apple III
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Apple III Plus
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Apple III & Apple III Plus – General information

IntroducedMay 1980 (Apple III)
December 1983 (Apple III Plus)
DiscontinuedApril 1984 (Apple III)
September 1985 (Apple III Plus)
Model NumberN/A
Price$4,340 – $7,8000 (for Apple III)
$2,995 (for Apple III Plus)
Weight26 Ibs.
11.793 KG
Dimensions4.8” H x 17.5” W x 18.2” D
12.19 cm H x 44.45 cm W x 46.22 cm D
ProcessorMOS Technology 6502A (Apple III)
or 6502B (Apple III and Apple III Plus)
Processor Speed1.4 MHz average; 1.8 MHz maximum
Number of Cores1
StorageOptional 5MB Apple ProFile hard disc drive
Built-in Memory128 or 256 KB (Apple III or 256 KB (Apple III Plus)
Maximum Memory512 KB witch memory board replacement
Memory SlotsNone
SoftwareApple Sophisticated Operating System (SOS) 1.0 (Apple III)
or 1.3 (Apple III Plus)
Serial1 – DB-25 RS-232C compatible
2 – DB-9
Audio Out1 – 3.5-mm analog output jack
1 – Built-in speaker
Display Connection1 – RCA composite positive video
1 – DB-15
Display1 – RCA for composite video output
(Display resolution 280 x 192 – 16 colors (with some limitations),
280 x 192 – monochromatic, 560 x 192 monochromatic)
Text Display80-column, 24-line monochromatic, 40-column, 24-line,
16-color foreground and background, 40-column, 24-line monochromatic
Expansion Slots4 – 50-pin Apple II peripheral
MediaBuilt-in 140 KB 5.25-inch floppy drive
KeyboardBuilt-in 61-key (main) 13-key (numeric) ASCII keyboard
Line Voltage110 or 110/220V AC
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