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Apple IIe & Apple IIe Enhanced

The Apple IIe (styled as Apple //e) is the third model in the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple Computer. The e in the name stands for enhanced, referring to the fact that several popular features were now built-in that were formerly only available as upgrades or add-ons in earlier models. Improved expandability combined with the new features made for a very attractive general-purpose machine to first-time computer shoppers. As the last surviving model of the Apple II computer line before discontinuation, and having been manufactured and sold for nearly 11 years with relatively few changes, the IIe earned the distinction of being the longest-lived computer in Apple’s history.

Although Apple hoped that 1984’s Apple IIc would outsell the IIe, the latter was more popular because of its expansion slots. In March 1985, the company replaced the original machine with a new revision called the Enhanced IIe (Apple IIe Enhanced). It is completely identical to the previous machine except for 4 chips changed on the motherboard (and a small “Enhanced” or “65C02” sticker placed over the keyboard power indicator). The purpose of the update was to make the Apple IIe more compatible with the Apple IIc (released the previous year) and, to a smaller degree, the Apple II Plus. This change involved a new processor, the CMOS-based 65C02 CPU, a new character ROM for the text modes, and two new ROM firmware chips. The 65C02 added more CPU instructions, the new character ROM added 32 special “MouseText” characters (which allowed the creation of a GUI-like display in text mode, similar to IBM code page 437), and the new ROM firmware fixed problems and speed issues with 80-column text, introduced the ability to use lowercase in Applesoft BASIC and Monitor, and contained some other smaller improvements (and fixes) in the latter two (including the return of the Mini-Assembler—which had vanished with the introduction of the II Plus firmware).

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Apple IIe
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Apple IIe & Apple IIe Enhanced – General information

IntroducedJanuary 1983 (Apple IIe)
March 1985 (Apple IIe Enhanced)
DiscontinuedMarch 1985 (Apple IIe)
January 1987 (Apple IIe Enhanced)
Model NumberUnknown
Weight11.5 Ibs.
5.216 KG
Dimensions4.25” H x 15.25” W x 18” D
10.79 cm H x 38.73 cm W x 45.72 cm D
ProcessorMOS Technology 6502A (Apple IIe)
MOS Technology 65C02 (Apple IIe Enhanced)
Processor Speed1 MHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus1 MHz
Built-in Memory64 KB
Maximum Memory1 MB (Actual), 128 KB (Apple)
Memory SlotsMemory Expansion Card can be installed in Auxiliary slot
SoftwareApple DOS 3.3 and ProDOS 8
FirmwareApplesoft BASIC
Cassette1 – in
1 – out at 1500 bps
Game1 – internal 16-pin GAME I/O
1 – external DE-9
Audio Out1 – Built-in speaker
Display Connection1 – RCA composite video output
External Resolution40 x 48 (15 colors)
280 x 192 (6 colors)
80 x 48 (15 colors)
560 x 192 (15 colors)
Text Display40 columns text in 24 rows or 80 columns text in 24 rows
Expansion Slots7 – 50-pin Apple II peripheral
1 – 60-pin Auxiliary
MediaOptical Cassette Interface, Disk II or DuoDisk flopy drive
KeyboardBuilt-in 63-key uppercase and lowercase keyboard
Maximum Continuous Power80 W
Line Voltage95 or 127V AC
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