Apple II
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Apple II

Apple II signed as Apple ][ was one of the first mass-produced 8-bit home computers to be successful around the world. Like Apple I, Model II was also designed by Steve Wozniak. It is worth noting that Steve Jobs also participated in the process of building the computer. He approved the development of work on the housing and computer power supply.

Apple II was presented by Jobs and Wozniak at the West Coast Computer Faire in 1977 and became a real hit. It also became the first consumer product sold by Apple Computer, Inc. The Apple II model was also the first Apple II series computer that was developed until November 1993.

The successor to Apple II was the modernized Apple II Plus model, which hit the market in June 1979.

Apple II
Source: – Apple II

Apple II – General information

IntroducedApril 1977
DiscontinuedJune 1979
Price$1,298 (with 4 KB memory)
$2,638 (with 48 KB memory)
Model NumberN/A
Weight11.5 Ibs.
5.216 KG
Dimensions4.25” H x 15.25” W x 18” D
10.79 cm H x 38.73 cm W x 45.72 cm D
ProcessorMOS Technology 6502
Speed1 MHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus1 MHz
Built-in MemoryNone
Maximum Memory48 KB
Memory Slots24 sockets in 3 rows for 16-pin 4 KB (4096, 2104 type)
or 16 KB (4116, 2116 type) modules
Memory minimum speed350 ns
Cassette1 – in,
1 – out at 1500 bps
Game1 – internal 16-pin GAME I/O
Display Connection1 – RCA composite positive video
Display1 – RCA for composite video output
(Display resolution 40 x 48 – 16 colors or 280 x 192 – 6 colors)
Audio Out1 – Built-in 8 ohm speaker
Expansion Slots8 – 50-pin Apple II peripheral
KeyboardBuilt-in 52-key uppercase keyboard
MediaOptional Cassette Interface or Disk II floppy drive
SoftwareApple DOS 3.1 (after June 1978)
FirmwareApple Integer BASIC
Line Voltage110 or 110 / 220V AC

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