Apple GS/OS

The Apple GS/OS is a disk operating system developed by Apple in 1988, especially for the Apple IIGS computer. The GS/OS has been publicly released on September 16, 1988, and was developed until version 4.02 released on May 6, 1993.

Apple GS/OS is a second operating system after Apple ProDOS 16, but first written entirely to support the 16-bit architecture used in Apple IIGS. The big change from the previous versions of ProDOS is that GS/OS contains many features of the Macintosh System. In practice, GS/OS has a Finder, loadable fonts, and plug-in device drivers like modems or printers.

Today Apple GS/OS is 34 years old!

Apple GS/OS
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Apple GS/OS General Information

ReleasedSeptember 16, 1988
System RequirementsApple IIGS computer
DistributionFloppy disk


VersionRelease Date
GS/OS 2.0September 16, 1988
GS/OS 3.0May 1989
GS/OS 3.0December 1989
GS/OS 3.03December 1990
GS/OS 3.03February 1991
GS/OS 4.01March 1992
GS/OS 4.02May 6, 1993

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