Apple DOS 3.2

In 1978, Apple released a new disk operating system (DOS) called Apple DOS 3.2. This system was specifically developed for the Apple II Plus computer and was publicly released on June 1, 1979.

One of the key features of Apple DOS 3.2 was its compatibility with the latest booting methods that were built into the Apple II Plus. The new firmware, known as the “Autostart ROM“, allowed the system to automatically find a disk controller and boot from it upon power-up.

Apple DOS 3.2.1 was also released in July 1979 with a few minor bug fixes. However, by 1980, Apple DOS 3.2 was replaced by the newer version, Apple DOS 3.3.

As of today, Apple DOS 3.2 is 43 years old and serves as a reminder of the early days of Apple’s computer development. The system may not be in use today, but it played a significant role in the technology we use today.

Apple DOS 3.2
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Apple DOS 3.2 General Information

IntroducedJune 1, 1979
System RequirementsApple II Plus
DistributionFloppy disk

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