Apple DOS 3.2
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Apple DOS 3.2

The Apple DOS 3.2 is a disk operating system developed by Apple in 1978 especially for the Apple II Plus computer. DOS 3.2 has been publicly released on 1 June 1979 and was the first updated minor release of Apple DOS. In 1980 DOS 3.2 has been replaced by DOS 3.3.

Apple DOS 3.2 was released in 1979 to reflect changes in computer booting methods that were built into the successor of the Apple II, the Apple II Plus. New firmware included an auto-start feature which automatically found a disk controller and booted from it when the system was powered up earning it the name “Autostart ROM”. In July 1979 has been released Apple DOS 3.2.1 with some minor bug fixes.

Today Apple DOS 3.2 is 42 years old!

Apple DOS 3.2 – General information


Introduced1 June 1979
System RequirementsApple II Plus
DistributionFloppy disk

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