Apple DOS 3.1
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Apple DOS 3.1

The Apple DOS 3.1 is a disk operating system developed by Apple in 1978 especially for Apple II computers. DOS 3.1 has been publicly released on 1 June 1978 and was the first disk-based operating system for any Apple computer. In 1979 DOS 3.1 has been replaced by DOS 3.2.

When Apple Computer introduced the Apple II on 16 April 1977, the new computer had no disk drive or disk operating system (DOS). Although Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak designed the Apple Disk II controller late that year and believed that he could have written a DOS, his co-founder Steve Jobs decided to outsource the task. The company considered using Digital Research’s CP/M, but Wozniak sought an operating system that was easier to use. On 10 April 1978 Apple signed a $13,000 contract with Shepardson Microsystems to write a DOS and deliver it within 35 days.

There was no Apple DOS 1 or 2. Versions 0.1 through 2.8 were serially enumerated revisions during development, which might as well have been called builds 1 through 28. Apple DOS 3.0, a renamed issue of version 2.8, was never publicly released due to bugs. Apple published no official documentation until release 3.2.

Today Apple DOS 3.1 is 43 years old!

Apple DOS 3.1 – General information


Introduced1 June 1978
System RequirementsApple II
DistributionFloppy disk

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