Apple Disk IIc

On April 24, 1984, Apple introduced the Disk IIc, an external 5.25-inch floppy disk drive designed specifically for use with the Apple IIc computer. Priced at $329, the Disk IIc was a popular choice for Apple IIc users looking to expand their storage capabilities.

Unlike previous Apple disk drives, the Disk IIc did not feature a daisy-chain port in the back, as the disk port on the original Apple IIc was only designed to control one additional external drive. However, it was still possible to use the Disk IIc on other Apple II models, as long as it was the last drive in the chain.

One unique aspect of the Disk IIc was that it was sold without a controller card, as the Apple IIc computer did not require one. This meant that users with other Apple II models would need to adapt the drive to an existing Disk II controller card.

Despite its popularity, the Disk IIc was discontinued on September 1, 1990, making it 38 years old today. While it may be a relic of the past, the Disk IIc remains an important part of Apple’s history and a reminder of the early days of personal computing.

Apple Disk IIc
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Apple Disk IIc Release Date and Original Price

IntroducedApril 24, 1984
DiscontinuedSeptember 1, 1990
Model IdentifierUnknown
Model NumberUnknown
Order NumberA2M4050
Original Price$329

System Requirements

  • Apple IIc computer


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