Apple Daisy Wheel Printer
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Apple Daisy Wheel Printer

The Apple Daisy Wheel Printer is a printer that was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple from 1982 to 1983 as part of the Apple Printer Series. The Printer has been introduced on 1 October 1982 and its price started at $699. The new Daisy Wheel Printer features 40 characters per second, printing resolution up to 120 x 48 positions per inch, support for 1 printing color, RS-232C port, and support for the Apple III, Apple III Plus, and Apple Lisa. The printer has been discontinued on 1 December 1984.

Today Apple Daisy Wheel Printer is 38 years old!

Apple Daisy Wheel Printer – General Information


Introduced1 October 1982
Discontinued1 December 1984
Order NumberA3M0025
Weight37 Ibs.
16.782 KG
Demensions6.87” H x 23.22” W x 14.84” D
17.44 cm H x 58.97 cm W x 37.69 cm D

System Requirements


TypeDaisy wheel
Pages Per Minute40 characters per second (average)
DPIMaximum 120 horizontal positions per inch
Maximum 48 vertical positions per inch




Maximum Continuous Power80 W

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